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Different parts of a roll-up garage door

by Leo

The names as well as the working of garage roll-up door parts can be a bit perplexing, but it is not so difficult to understand. At first, you have to know the individual working of each one. And if by chance your door stop working or shows some faults, you will immediately point out the part which will be creating that problem. Then you don’t have to ask a professional to come first and check the issue, you can see yourself if the maintenance required is not so much and you can solve the problem. Below are given most important garage trac rite door parts that one should have knowledge of before using or buying a garage door.

Door opener

The first one is the door opener and it is the most important one. Without it, the door will not open. You must have seen the device hanging from the roof that comes with an extension that can be plugged into the outlet. It looks like a box hanging from the roof. The three main types of garage door openers are

  • Hydraulic door opener
  • Electric door opener
  • Pneumatic door opener

The most common type among these three is the electric door opener. These door openers need electricity to work or for doing open and close operations in the door. The opener is basically a motor connected to the shaft of the door, upon giving the energy to the shaft the door can open or close.

As the name suggests, hydraulic openers use oil having high pressure for powering the motor. In the case of pneumatic openers, air pressure works and does operations for the door. But these two types are not so common.

Torsion springs

This spring works in such a way that helps the door to stay closed or open. It is normally made up of wire of steel and a coil. The winding and unwinding of the torsion spring cause the garage door to fall or raise.

Tube shaft

It is placed inside the door frame. It holds the torsion spring in the right place. It also helps in preventing damage to the frame of the door if by chance hits against the tube shaft.


These components are named drums because of their appearance. They fix into the roller bracket they are generally the circular pieces of the pulley’s wheels. With their help rollers stay in their place and can rotate easily.


These wires are long and can be very flexible. These cables help the roller in the opening and closing of the garage door.

Rollers and tracks

You should not miss these parts as they ae essential parts in the garage door. Tracks are connected with ceiling and top part of door that helps in opening and closing. On the other hand rollers are at the bottom of the garage door and helps in sliding the door freely.

Safety sensors

Safety sensors are also important for roll up garage doors. These sensors help in avoiding hitting or moving if they detect something in their way. That’s why chances of damage or injury will be no to minimum.

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