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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Pad Lock

by Leo

Theft is a global problem and causes losses for both business and personal homes. When thinking of a way to secure a property or item, the first thing that comes to mind is a pad lock. Rightly so, these security devices are a worthy and inexpensive investment to be made. To prevent vandalism and losses, here are factors you need to consider when buying a padlock.

Construction material

Padlocks are generally made from different materials. It’s hard to pinpoint the best, but whatever the chosen material it has to be strong and durable. The most common materials used are steel and brass-laminated zinc. As you can see, padlocks are made from different materials reinforced in different layers. The three most important properties of a good padlock material is that they must be corrosion-resistant, durable, and strong.

Strike resistance

Since padlocks protect against theft and vandalism, it means any attempt at theft or vandalism would see the intruder trying to damage the padlocks. A good padlock should be able to withdraw any strike or hit. On quality padlocks, rubber panels are introduced to coat the metals. These rubber panels act as cushions and shock absorbers to protect the padlock when struck. So when looking to buy padlocks, look out for these rubber panels or on what shock absorbers are designed to protect the metal casing from physical strikes.


Padlocks function with pins. The pins behave like tumblers that are raised when the right key is pushed into the lock. Going by this, the more pins that are available in a padlock, the more secured the padlock will be. With this, when you’re looking to buy a padlock with maximum security, go for one with a higher number of pins. If you’re not familiar with how to check for it, you can ask the seller. It’s usually written in the padlock description.

Padlock shackle

What’s a padlock shackle? You know that U-shaped metal on the top of the padlock, the one that pushes out when the padlock is open? That’s a shackle. Although it is made from metal, the density and size of the shackle goes a long way to determine the overall security of the padlock. You want to invest in a padlock whose shackle is made from a heavy-duty material. Always settle for a thick shackle over a thin one.

Keyed alike

This feature is ideal for businesses or individuals who want to install multiple padlocks. This way, you wouldn’t have to bother moving around with different multiple keys. Better put, it comes with a master key that can open all the padlocks. Again, this is important if you are trying not to lose multiple keys.


Padlocks are designed to help protect and secure whatever they’re used on. The quality of a padlock is tested when an intruder tries to gain access into an area secured with the padlock. For this reason, when choosing a padlock, you have to consider some of the most important factors. To help get you started, the post highlights some of them.

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