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Make Your Fists Stronger With Punching Man Daily

by Leo

A punching man or a ballistic punching dummy is often found at training centers where they train boxers and other martial artists. These dummies are made of silicon and/or rubber that mimic a real human for efficient practice of kicks and punches. These dummies allow the trainee to learn to attack at the desired spots as if hitting a real human. Moreover, some people also use these dummies to train their fists to make them stronger.

Whether you want to train yourself or just remain fit through martial arts practice, a punching man serves great. So, this article will talk about everything you need to know about a punching man, what to look for when buying one, and how it helps in achieving perfect physical fitness.

What To Look While Buying Punching Man

Here’s what exactly you need to look for in a punching man.

1. Material Quality

These punching mans are made of several types of raw materials ranging from soft silicon, rubber, or even sometimes plastic. If you’re out for buying one, always look for the raw materials and its quality because high quality ensures longer and better training sessions.

2. Resistance

Resistance here means how well your dummy can resist water and other stuff. Since you’ll be training, your body will release sweat, which will ultimately get on the dummy as you hit it with your legs and hands. Your dummy must be resistant to liquid and it must not break down easily as you shift force and momentum from your punches and kicks.

3. Weight

The weight decides how hard you can strike on the dummy. Low weight dummy is often avoided since it’ll fly away with a weak kick or punch. A heavy dummy will need to harder strike to make it swing. This will help you train harder and better.

4. Uppercut/Undercut

Some dummies are designed to facilitate undercuts and uppercuts. If you’re up for pro boxing or intense martial arts techniques, you should buy such a dummy with which you can train your undercut and uppercut moves.

How Punching Man Can Benefit Your Physical Fitness

Punching man helps achieve perfect physical fitness. First, it’ll make you strike really hard, which will make your muscles used to of hitting hard. So if you ever fight a tough guy in real life, you’ll be trained for that. Then, your fists and legs will experience increased vibration as you hit hard on a dummy. That will help you hit hard and strong objects such as someone’s shin bones or arms without hurting yourself.


If you’re willing to make a purchase, consider Alibaba.com since it offers punching mans of different types to cater to diverse customer needs. There are products of different qualities, prices, and features. You can also go for silicon or rubber ones with different weight categories. This will help you train better. You can get global shipping and get the product delivered at your doorstep. Alibaba.com also offers trade assurance offers, which will ensure timely delivery of your product under normal circumstances, or else you can get a refund from the manufacturer or the supplier.

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