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Things You Should Not Do When Purchasing a Used Golf Cart

by Leo

Purchasing a used golf cart 4 seater might be intimidating, confusing, or overwhelming. The majority of us have experienced the buying process for a vehicle, pickup, or SUV. But knowing where to begin or what to look for when buying a golf cart might be challenging.

You must consider your lifestyle, your financial situation, and your planned use to be able to respond to these questions. These factors will influence the type of golf cart you eventually buy and, more importantly, whether you’ll be satisfied with your choice.

Forgetting to Look Up the Local Licensing Requirements

Make sure you are aware of state licensing requirements for golf carts as well as local ordinances and restrictions surrounding the usage of golf carts on public or private roadways before considering purchasing a used golf cart (or any golf cart, for that matter).

Your golf cart may need to be changed in many locations to be allowed to travel on public roads. Some localities only permit gas-powered carts to utilize public roads, while other places demand the addition of a street legal kit.

Check the golf course policies first if you intend to use the golf cart there. Carts are not always permitted on golf courses.

Before considering a golf cart, make sure you are completely familiar with the regulations. Nothing is worse than spending several thousand dollars on a car only to discover that you cannot use it where you had planned.

Not Gathering Enough Data About the Golf Cart

Similar to purchasing a used car, you will need to be aware of certain fundamental information about your golf cart, which the seller may be reluctant to provide.

At the time of purchase, it might not seem like a huge concern, but failing to obtain this crucial information could later bite you in the rear.

In a perfect world, it would be wonderful to be aware of the golf cart’s maintenance history, accident history, and genesis (country, state, etc.). Great if you can find a logbook and some receipts! You’ve got the upper hand.

Missing the Batteries

You should also have a basic understanding of batteries if you plan to purchase an electric golf cart used. You should also test and examine the batteries if at all possible.

Batteries for golf carts don’t last forever, and a new set of batteries can easily cost between $1,000 and $2,000. Old or defective batteries might harm the cart’s motor, onboard charger, and other essential parts (this happened to us).

As lead-acid batteries are the most typical sorts of batteries you’re likely to meet, keep in mind that this advice only applies to lead-acid batteries. You will need to seek advice on those batteries if you stumble across a golf cart with more recent lithium-ion batteries.

Purchasing a Generic Golf Cart

Until you need your first repair or upgrade, it could seem like a terrific deal you’re getting on that cart brand no one has ever heard of.

Generally speaking, large brands like EZGO, ClubCar, or Yamaha are a safe bet. Golf cart mechanics are well-versed in the ins and outs of both new and vintage models, and parts are readily available.

Millions of customers can also attest to the benefits and drawbacks of each model in the lineup of these well-known companies. Getting comparable information for lesser-known brands can be very challenging if you’re interested in DIY maintenance.

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