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What Perfect Is

by Leo

Do perfect men have big muscles?  Do perfect women have big breasts?  Do perfect couples have lots of children?  Do perfect husbands earn upwards of $100K a year?  Do perfect wives cook delicious meals?

Do perfect people have lots of friends?  Do perfect people have loads of life experience?  Do perfect people ever fail?

Yeah!  You bet they do!  All of this and soooooo much more…

Perfect men are scrawny.  Perfect men struggle with obesity.  Perfect men can barely do one pull-up.  Perfect men have bad backs that prevent them from lifting heavy objects.  Perfect men were only born with one arm.

Perfect women have tiny breasts.  Perfect women have fake breasts.  Perfect women have breast reductions.  Perfect women haven’t finished growing their breasts yet.  Perfect women have lost both breasts to cancer.

Perfect couples have one child.  Perfect couples have ten children.  Perfect couples adopt because, medically, they can’t have their own children.  Perfect couples adopt even when they can have their own.  Perfect couples never have children because they don’t want them.

Perfect husbands are stay-at-home dads.  Perfect husbands own multi-million dollar businesses.  Perfect husbands are migrant farmers.  Perfect husbands switch careers in their mid-50’s.  Perfect husbands have no idea what they want to do for a living.

Perfect wives don’t cook because they’re too tired when they get home from work.  Perfect wives only know how to cook Italian food.  Perfect wives hate cooking even though they’re good at it.  Perfect wives are chefs at fancy restaurants.  Perfect wives make Ramen Noodles.

Perfect people are introverts with two close friends.  Perfect people are extroverts with five hundred Facebook friends they communicate with regularly.  Perfect people hangout with their marching band friends.  Perfect people have famous friends.  Perfect people have a best friend with four legs.

Perfect people have traveled and lived all over the world.  Perfect people have yet to explore beyond their hometown in rural Montana.  Perfect people still live at home with their parents.  Perfect people are happy where they are.  Perfect people haven’t figured out how to get to where they want to go.

Perfect people fail a hundred times and lose hope.  Perfect people succeed on their very first attempt.  Perfect people don’t like to admit when they fail.  Perfect people see failure as an opportunity for growth.  Perfect people never fail because they never stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones.

Perfect people have scars on their faces and perfect complexions.  Perfect people have long brown hair at 60 and short grey hair at 35.  Perfect people wear wigs.  Perfect people have sex with men, women, both or none at all.  Perfect people can barely see over the grocery store counter and sometimes bump their heads at the top of doorways.  Perfect people have waistlines that are infinite in size and geometry.  Perfect people have skin tones as light as vanilla ice-cream and as rich dark chocolate.

Perfect people come from every corner of this beautiful planet and can be seen everywhere – even in the mirror.

Yeah!  That’s right!

Perfect is the way we are born.  Perfect is the way we are now.  Perfect is exclusively unique.

We are what perfect is.

Photo by: Movimente

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